Message from Swami Yogeswaranada Giri

Apr 3, 2019

Message from Swami Yogeswaranada Giri

Dear divine souls

The more a person identifies himself with the outer world, without knowledge of his inherent spirit, the more he will be entangled in the world of the senses, at the mercy of various influences and experience suffering.

The way out of this trap is the absolute knowledge and realization of our divine self.

With the help of the Kriya Yoga technique, it is possible in the midst of the world through sincere, consistent practice to realize our true self in this life.

Human life is rare and it is short. The earlier we start Kriya Yoga practice, the better it is for us.

Harvest hay when the sun is shining!

Practice the Kriya Yoga technique, as taught by the masters, sincerely and consistently!
I pray that God and the Masters will bless you.

Swami Yogeswarananda Giri